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Black Cow Vodka review

Reuniting the Curds and Whey – Black Cow Vodka and Vintage Cheddar:

Did you know that you can make vodka from all kinds of things?  I was fascinated to hear about  Black Cow, the world’s first pure milk vodka, made in Dorset from the milk of grass grazed cows.

A premium vodka is something rather special – but the precedent for milk vodka comes from countries like Mongolia, where Arkhi (a kind of milk vodka with an alcohol level of around 15-20%) is made by every nomadic family with their own still using fermented cow milk yoghurt.  This kind of vodka can be made using the milk from yaks and horses too.

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Jason Barber though sticks to dairy cows milk from his farm in Dorset.  He started adding value to his milk production by making cheese and was looking for something to do with the whey, a by-product of cheese production.  He discovered that by fermenting the whey, he could create a kind of alcohol which could be distilled.  Triple distillation results in the fine and pure vodka made from grass-fed Dorset cows.  A unique product, especially when paired with the cheese he also produces.

The result is a light, vodka with floral and vanilla notes, creamy and sweet on the palate.  Perfect for drinking neat on ice with a little cheese.

I was sent a gift pack to try for myself – it’s a great experience and perfect for this time of year when summer is just starting.  And, I’ve got two more packs to give out to a couple of lucky London-Unattached readers.  Worth £15 each, the winner will get this beautiful gift pack including 50ml of Black Cow Vodka and an 80g Black Cow Vintage Cheddar Truckle.


If like me, you are quite fascinated by the concept, you can now take a distillery tour and enjoy a vodka tasting, cocktail class and lunch in the new Black Cow bar and kitchen.  It’s a very special experience, where you’ll enjoy a lunch menu of locally sourced ingredients created by Mark Hix in addition to learning all about Black Cow Vodka.  All in the charming setting of Childhay Manor Farm, in West Dorset near Beaminster.

For more information, check the Black Cow website.

Meanwhile, if you’d like a chance of winning one of the gift packs, just follow the rafflecopter through.

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On – 23 May, 2017 By Fiona Maclean